Thursday, July 1, 2010

I've Discovered...I'm a POMIMO!

I looked in the mirror and discovered I'm a Pomimo, that's an american eskimo pomeranian. Or an Eskipom. My mom looked it up on the internet I look like I might be a mix. My fur is simply not as full and fluffy as american eskimo's and my tail doesn't do the corkscrew. That also might explain my small size, I'm 10 pounds and 4 months old. However, when I grow up maybe I'll change my looks. I got to admit I like my unique fluffy face and masculine body. I'm still a lady killer, the girls go nuts for me, hehe. Guess I might be a "designer dog."


  1. You know what, Bear? You might be right on about being a Pomimo. The "designer dog" theory fits, and is a new, up and coming thing in the eskie world. Whatever you are, you are a knock-out and more precious than anything! We are all so glad you're in our eskie world!!

    Prinnie, Digby and Atka

  2. I think I am too! We really look alike! I am 2 years old and weight about 14 lb. I'm too small to be an Eskimo but too big to be a Pom. Look at my blog and tell me what you think. I hope we can be friends!
    Sami Boy

  3. hey i do beleive you are right my name is shya and i am also a pomimo today is my birthday and ill be 1 i am 10 pounds and snow white and ya know my tail does cork screw witch makes it rough to chase but i think ill get there one day come see all my pics at

  4. ROCKY, Rocky is my name. Playful is my game. Fifteen month old pomimo (snow white) Looking for a playmate in a good home. I am not particular, I love kids, cats or other dogs. As long as you have energy!