Monday, May 31, 2010

what a fun memorial day weekend!

Hope you had a good memorial day weekend. I had fun socializing with Deanne's friends, family and her parents dogs. In fact, I was the center of attention at the bbq I went to tonight. I just love attention. 
Here's a pic of me enjoying the grass, which I liked to eat too.
Deanne is working on housebreaking with me. I'm getting bell trained and every now and then I'll ring the bell by myself, sit and wait to be taken out. But I also still think it's ok sometimes to pee in the house. Deanne doesn't think that's as much fun as I do. Housebreaking may take me a long does it take most three or four month old puppies? 
I'm good about not going to the bathroom in my bed or crate. I also go outside to go to the bathroom at least once an hour and get treats for it. There's some sort of connection I think I'm supposed to be making...I'll have to figure that one out. :-)
For now, it's nap time. licks and more licks. 

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hi I'm Bear!

Hi, I'm Bear and this is my fur-st blog. Get it? I'm a 14 week old pup. One week ago I met my forever mom Deanne.

Deanne adopted me from a rescue out of LA that ended up being not the nicest I'm rescue I'm told. She was happy to pull me from them. I had 4 homes in my first 13 weeks of life. I came from a backyard breeder (that's why I'm so cute I guess), then was given to a college student who couldn't take care of me and then I was fostered for a week at a woman's house with New Homes 4 Animals. She didn't socialize me well and gave my new mom a hard time.
When I first met Deanne I was very scared. She seemed nice but I didn't trust humans. I barked, snapped at her and growled. Deanne gave me lots of treats and despite my big barks she scooped me in her arms and kept me in her lap. Within 3 hours I loved her and now follow her everywhere. But I didn't want anyone else to touch me. This is a 10 second video of me on the first day she had me showing how much I didn't want to trust humans.

I'm no longer like that. Deanne called her friends who are trainers at Freedom Dogs and they even helped with my behavior issues.  I'm starting to love all humans. I like her family, roommate and turns out I think rabbits are super fun to play with. Deanne's roommate's rabbit Bugsy and I love to play. I'll show you a video of that soon.

Speaking of videos, I made my first national appearance in a video! Check this link out, I'm cute huh?
 My mom isn't bad looking either BOL (bark out loud). You can vote for us.

Well that's it for now. I'm tired, it's nap time. licks! love Bear