Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Am I singing or hating oldies?

When mom puts pandora radio on her phone I act very strange. Do you think I'm singing along because I love it or singing over it because I hate it?


  1. OMG BEAR! You are TOOOOO Cute! We took a vote and we think that you're telling your mom that the music on her phone is silly, and that you have a much better voice!! When Atka heard you, she came right over to the computer to watch.....but please don't give her any ideas!!!!

    That video should win some award for the cute factor!!

    Prinnie, Digby and Atka

  2. hehe thanks. i haven't sung since then but then again my mom isn't playing that high pitched music around me anymore. Atka should try singing, she might like it :-)