Monday, June 14, 2010

Terrible Two's

I'm in the "terrible two's" I like to have my own way and sometimes bark because well I feel like barking.
But I'm still pretty stinking cute oh and no accidents in the house for days! I'm officially house broken, woo hoo!
Here's a pic of me from that modeling shoot I told you about a while ago:
I'm getting bigger huh?

Also my pic from when I first met Deanne got picked up by CNN and seen by hundreds, here the link to that:


  1. Bear, it doesn't get any cuter than you!!! Hooray for you being house broken! We are so proud of you! Maybe you can give Atka some pointers - geez!! :) (And they say boys are harder than girls!!)

    Keep the pictures coming, you beautiful boy!!

    Prinnie, Digby and Atka

  2. Thanks fellow beautiful dogs. Well although I'm housebroken I did decide to pee in the house today so yeah Atka don't worry, slip ups happen. :)

  3. Hi Bear - Atka says that you and she need to stick together on the house training!! :)

    We hope you don't mind, but we put a link to your blog on our post tonight. Atka insisted on it, because we still are so grateful to your mom, and think everyone should get to see how adorable you are and how special your mom is!!

    Prinnie, Digby and Atka

  4. Thanks for giving me a bark out (shout out) on your blog.
    Atka and I do need to stick together. She'll love this... my mom just found out the last 2 days I've been sneaking into her roommate's room during the day and going #2 right on her carpet. I'm pretty much marking my territory because the rabbit stays in that room. oh i'm sooo sneaky. Mom says she's putting a stop to that pronto.